Traditional Spirit I Contemporary Style

Bushido refers to a code of conduct that all samurais lived by; a fearless spirit tempered by a compassionate soul. The importance of seasonality translates to our décor, which changes colors throughout the year to reflect the beauty of the Japanese landscape. Watch Video

Inspired by this aesthetic, our culinary mission at Bushido Izakaya is to offer impeccable Japanese flavors with a contemporary flair under the guidance of Executive Chef Isamu Kanai. With over 15 years cooking experience in Japan and in the Bay Area, Isamu has proven to be a customer driven perfectionist with a passion for inventive, seasonal fare informed by respect for the traditions of his (and the owners’) ancestral land. Considered a master of sustainable sushi & seafood, his creations have been showcased at the Monterey Bay Aquarium's annual "Cooking for Solutions” event and the California Academy of Sciences.

bushido 156 Castro Street, Mountain View, CA 94041 I (650) 386-6821